The AquaBliss TheraSpa handheld showerhead has 6 spray patterns;


The water-saving mode reduces water flow up to 80% in order to help save water while you later up. Due to plumbing guidelines, the showerhead cannot entirely stop the water flow.

Pulsating Massage

Water pulsates out of the showerhead, into a targeted stream of water. It is perfect for massaging those tired muscles at the end of a long day.

Rain & Soft Massage

A combination of pulsating massage and rain settings, for a less intense massage and more water coverage.


This is the most popular setting, as it provides excellent water flow and coverage.

Rain & Soft Mist

A combination of Rain and Heavy Mist, to deliver a light mist feel with great water coverage.

Heavy Mist

Water is dispursed from the middle holes to provide a heavy mist of water.