How to install an AquaBliss SF100 & SF220 shower filter


Rinse the Shower Filter

diagram showing the first step of how to install a showerhead filter

he first step of your AquaBliss shower filter installation is to place the shower filter under warm running water for 60 seconds. Turn the shower filter over and run water in the opposite direction. This will help remove any built-up carbon dust from inside the shower filter.

Remove Shower Head or Mount

showerhead image with a gray arrow

Remove the existing shower head from the shower arm by turning it counter-clockwise. If you have a hand shower, remove the shower mount from the shower arm

Clean Shower Arm

shower arm and plumber’s tape image

Clean any excess material from the shower arm threads, so they are clean. Wrap plumbers tape around the threads 2-3 times.

Attach Shower Filter to Shower Arm

the Aquabliss filter installation

Place washer in top connection of shower filter and Hand tighten the shower filter to the shower arm by turning it clockwise.

Attach Shower or Shower Mount to Shower Filter

optional screened washer showerhead image

Attach the showerhead or shower mount onto the shower filter and Hand tighten the shower to the shower filter by turning it clockwise.

How to install a showerhead filter with different shower types

Fixed Shower Heads

Handheld Shower Heads

Rain Showers

Combo/Dual Showers