Our shower filter cartridges use sediment filters to help remove sediment and other larger particles from the water. If you have large amounts of sediment in your water, it can build up in the filter cartridge and restrict water flow.

Backwashing the filter cartridge can help dislodge the sediment built up in the shower filter, and improve water flow.

To backwash the filter cartridge: -

  1. Open the shower filter.
  2. Remove the internal cartridge and flip it over, so the mesh end faces down towards the shower and the end with holes faces the shower arm. 
  3. Place the cartridge back in the shower filter housing and close the filter.
  4. Run hot water through it for a few minutes, or until the water runs clear.
  5. Open the shower filter and flip the cartridge again, so the mesh end is facing the shower arm/water inlet and the holed end faces the shower.
  6. Close the shower filter and continue using normally.