Water uses Chloramine not Chlorine

We recommend taking a look at the water quality report for your city. The issue might be that your city's water uses chloramine, not chlorine to disinfect the water.

Chloramine comes from chlorine + ammonia and has a strong "chlorine" smell. Some municipal water providers use it, as it lasts longer, but it requires different techniques to remove it.

To check your water quality report;

Go to google and search for “CITY NAME water quality report” OR click here and add your city name to the search box.

You should be able to find a recent report (within the past couple of years), which will list the chemicals they use to disinfect the water.

Low levels of Chlorine

If your water company uses chlorine, it may be that they are using very low amounts of chlorine to begin with. This is a positive thing but since our filter is made to reduce chlorine and other contaminants, you may not be able to feel the difference. The best way to test would be to use a chlorine colorimeter or chlorine test strips.