Sediment Buildup

If you have a lot of sediment in your water, then the filter may become blocked over time. Certain states are more prone to sediment than others, New York has particularly high levels.

It can be fixed by backwashing the shower filter:

  • Open the shower filter
  • Flip the internal filter cartridge over (so the mesh end is facing down towards the shower)
  • Close the shower filter and run hot water through it for a couple of mins.
  • Open the shower filter and flip the cartridge back to the normal position and close.

Backwashing the cartridge will remove sediment, and get your shower filter working again. Please see How to backwash a shower filter for additional information and video.

This process can be repeated if required.

If you live in an area with extremely high levels of sediment, such as New York, suggest switching to the HD Shower Filter, as it has removable and replaceable sediment pads. Contact us for more details and help switching model

Sand Filter inside showerhead or shower mount

If you have a shower mount or shower which has a raised filter screen in the center of the connection, it may restrict the water flow coming out of the shower filter. These filter screens can be removed by gripping the top of the filter screen with pliers and unscrewing by turning it counter-clockwise. 

A sand filter is designed to trap sand and other larger sediment. You can remove them as the shower filter has sediment pads and filter screen inside which will trap the sediment.

Dislodged washer

If the connection between the shower arm and shower filter is over tightened, the washer can dislodge inside of the shower arm, and restrict water flow.

To fix this, you need to:

  • Remove the shower filter and check whether the washer is inside the shower arm.
  • If it is, then remove and reseat it inside the connection on the shower filter, and then gently hand tighten the filter back onto the shower arm. 
  • If the washer was not inside the shower arm, then check the connection between the shower filter and shower/shower mount (bracket).
  • Make sure you are only using one washer in this connection.
  • If there are two, then one of them can move around and reduce the water flow.
  • If the water flow coming out of the shower filter is good, then attach the shower, making sure you only use one washer in the connection between the shower filter and shower.
  • Once that is connected, turn the water on again, to check the water flow. At this point, the shower should have full water pressure.