The shower filter is designed to be compatible with standard threaded shower arms. If you have a non-standard shower arm or shower mount you may still be able to install the shower filter.

Shower Elbow

Due to the limited clearance between the outlet on the shower elbow and wall, the shower filter cannot be installed directly.

There are adapters which can be purchased from local hardware stores, or online, which will enable you to install the shower filter.

You can also find suitable adapters on Amazon:

This adapter needs to be installed between the shower elbow and the shower filter.

Ball Joint Shower Arm

These shower arms do not have threaded ends, instead, they have a ball at the end.

To install the shower filter with a Ball Joint Shower Arm, you would need an adapter to convert the ball joint into a threaded end.

These adapters should be available in your local hardware store, if not, they can be purchased online:

Cross threaded

If you have tried to install the shower filter, and it became cross-threaded during installation, please contact us and we will help you resolve this issue.


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