The shower set uses washers in each connection to help prevent leaks. If the washers are missing, damaged or unseated, they can let water leak from the connection. 

To check the washers, unscrew the connection and check that the washer is STRAIGHT and FLAT inside. Use your fingers or gently use a screwdriver to push the edges of the washer down. Re-attach the connection and turn on the water to test for any leaks.

If the leakage persists, remove the washer from inside the connection nut using a screwdriver, flip it over and set it back in.

If a small leak persists, use plumber’s tape on the treads.

A Leak between the shower mount & hose

A Leak between the showerhead & hose

A Leak between the shower arm & shower mount/bracket

A leak from the back of the shower mount

If the water is leaking from behind the shower mount (shower bracket/shower holder), then please see our Shower Mount Leaking guide.