Water contains Chloramine, not Chlorine

Some municipal water companies use Chloramine instead of Chlorine to disinfect the water. While our shower filters are not designed to remove Chloramine, some customers experience 1-2 months of improved water quality. We are still testing exactly how this occurs, but after the initial 1-2 month period, the shower filters no longer work. For additional information on Chloramine and to find out if your municipal water company uses, please see I cannot feel any difference in my water.


Our shower filters are designed to last up to 6 months of normal usage.

If you have a large number of people using the shower or take long showers, then this time may be reduced.

You can calculate the lifespan of the shower filter as follows:

10,000 / (Number of showers per day x Duration of shower x GPM of shower head) = Total number of days

On average, Americans take one 8 minute shower per day, using a 2.4 GPM showerhead.

Additionally, the chlorine level of your water plays a part in the lifespan of the shower filter. If you have high levels of chlorine, then the lifespan of the shower filter may be reduced.