When to change the filter cartridge

AquaBliss filters reduce dry itchy skin, dandruff, eczema, and dramatically improves the condition of your skin, hair and nails. Your hair and skin should feel softer, there is less chlorine smell, and your bath/hair products will lather more. When those benefits "slow down or stop" - it's probably time to change the filter cartridge.

We recommend changing the shower filter cartridge at least every 6 months. This will ensure optimal performance of the shower filter.

Changing the SF100/SF220 filter cartridge

  1. Remove showerhead or shower mount from the shower filter
  2. Remove shower filter from the shower arm (water outlet/pipe)
  3. Open the filter
  4. Take out the old cartridge
  5. Place in the new cartridge with the mesh side facing up towards the water source
  6. Close the shower filter
  7. Screw shower filter onto shower arm (water outlet/pipe)
  8. Run water through the shower filter for 1 min to remove any carbon dust
  9. Re-attach shower head to the shower filter


If you see debris inside the shower filter casing, after removing the old cartridge, thoroughly wash the inside of the casing before inserting the new cartridge.


The shower filter has 3 seals to help prevent water from leaking out of the shower filter. If these seals move when changing the cartridge, the shower filter may start leaking. If this occurs, please see our article on how to stop a shower filter from leaking.

Discolored Inside

The inside of an AquaBliss shower filer may look discolored in places. This is due to the process we use to plate the product and is not a sign that the color is fading or being washed away. 

Discolored Water

When you first run water through the new filter cartridge, you may see discolored water. This is caused by the buildup of carbon dust inside the cartridge. The discoloration is normal and the water will return to normal after running water through the cartridge for a minute. For additional information please Discolored Water.